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Cordiallentertairttncmt of C$sri, ffperfzvaded. 17 now is the day of falvation. Now while Chrift is preached in the .Gofpell, falvation, pardonall mercy is offered , now ifever is the time to accept it ; therefore as Zaccheu e made n Luk. ¿9.6. hafte, and came downe from the Sycamine tree, and re- eeived ('hrift into his houle joyfully : So let us makehafte and cone downe , every man from all high thoughts of our owne worth, and joyfully receive Chriff into thehoufe of our heart. When (Thrift appeared unto Abraham in the plaine of Mature in the forme of an Angeli, and twoother Angels with him ; it is laid that Abraham 0 rinse to meet °Gen. /8.z,s,6 them from the tent doore , and hefted to his tent to make provifion for them, he ufed all (peed in their enter- tainment. Thus when Chrifl appeares in the Goípell, and comes to us by his Miniffers, We fhould run frcm our tent doores, from our felves by Chriffian denyall,- from the world by defèrtion, from our finnes by mortification. Thus we fhould run to meet Chriff comming in the Gofpell,and haften every man into his tent, into his heart, and there make all fpirituall provifion to entertaine him ; The ufeof haft ailidglaced in the entertaining of Chriff comming in his Gofpe-I1, is more neceffary and commendable then inany other undertaking. 3. Cordially, With much and fervent afflion; the heart ;.Cordially. is Cl;rifts houfe, wherehe muff dwell, Chrrfis throne where Rom_617 he muff raigne, and the pallace whereinto he mull be re- ceived ; the place of the Arke was not in a corner, but in the r midfi of the Tabernacle, Chriff muff not be thruíf ,P 2 S,im.6.17 into a corner of the foule, his dwelling muff be in the midíl thereof, in the heart of man, he muff have the bell and choifeffroome of mans affecion ; this Ch rift requires, My foene c give me thy heart, not thy head barely to know q Prov. z3.z5. me, nor thy memory nakedly to remember me, nor thy tongue formally to fpeake of me, nor thy foot onely to come outwardly unto me ; but thy heart to love and em- brace me, to furrender and yeeld up all unto me. This was the Apofiles prayer in the behalfè of the Ephefians, that r Chrzft might dwell , not onely in their care, or in the i r Eph.3. r7. tongue, the outward roomes of the body, nor in thehead, E a or