Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Cheerfulnefe in entertaining Chrifii fbeWed a9 is With thy heart, ifit be give me thine hand, andhe gavehim. his hand, and he too&e him up to him into the charet. Thus Nix pertinet when we come to meet Chrift in theGofpell, Chrift loo- do wine re, kcth to the integrity of our hearts, if our hearts be right "et de tuieef$ with Chrift, and we give him the hand of faith, and the f,tnecoliir hand of love; then he takes us up into his charet; then he re fui frienter takes us to himfelfe ; then he brings us into a neare,a fweet, offendi:jaiiati. and comfortable communion with himfelfe; the foule which Rni rug Berra_ doth not love Chrift , hath neither clears difcerning of hit qui termieoa Chrift nor gracious fellowfhi withChrift. ¡ a re ojrror rrd Cheerfully. Old 4cs6 fe in the waggons which o /;r, tui Evan- q. f ,eelij tui decreta feph had fent to carry him to Egypt to bring him to him- 'cooemnit.±ypr. felfe, it is faid his heart Y revived. Man ¡icing Chrift in the 4chee'f,11y, Gofpell, comming by the labours of his Minifters, as by a yGen 41 17. charet, to take and carry him offrom the world, to bring him nigh unto himfelfe, and to the participation, ofhis falneffe, fhould have his heart revived, and his foule made cheerful! : Chrift in the Gofpell minders all matter ofre joycing to his children ; in the Gofpell Chrift commeth as a z fhinint Sunns, and here we fhould rejoyce in him, as Z 1%, 1 1.4.z, the eye rejoyceth in the light ; Here Chrift commeth as a b King in his armies, and we fhould rejoyce in him, as óPfal.tto.t,;,, the captive rejoyceth in him that commeth with warlike weapons to beat downe the prifon, and let him free; here Chrift commeth as a c 'Phyfitianwith healing in hiswings ; c Mal.4.z. and we fheuld rejoyce in him , as the ficke in the Phyfi- ,dIoCtgó, tian that comes to cure him ; here Chrift commeth as d ,0- I fhuab came to the Gibeonites, to refcue them from the Amo- ritifh Princes ; and in himwe fhould rejoyce, as the be- fieged City in him that comes to drive away their ene- mies : Here Cnrift commeth as a Mafler of the e feaff in his banquetting houle ; and in him we fhould rejoyce as the hungry ftornacke in a feaft of all varieties : Here Chrift commeth as a f hridegroome in his letters , in his friend, in his voice, to wooe, and betroth us , and in him wee fhould rej)yce, as the bride in the letters, voice, and pre- fence of the bridegroome ; fuperlatively fweet, and feule- ravifhing are the comforts which Chrift difpenfeth by his e Cant,2. q, tIUI1.ÿ.2y.