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30 Chris entertainedhumbly 419dchiefly. his word and do&rine;he isaltogether unworthy thename of a Chriflian that loth not joyfully entertaine Chrift comming in the Gofpell. Humbly. ! g. Humbly. eifbraham entertaining the Angels g bowed GC:s.ts.z himfelfe to the ground. Man mull entertaine the Lord Ie- fus in the Gofpell, with all humility, rneeknelTe,lowly and I reverent fubmiflion : Hee muff proftrate himfelfe, and all that is his at the feet of Chrifl ; he muff be low and bafe in his owne eye and apprehcnfion ; he muff looke on him- Rom.7, t s, felfe as h dnj and R,lhet, he that is molt fenftble of his owne hGen.r8.2s. vileneffe, is moil capable of (brill Iefus ; he mull cRpti- Rom, zz, z6. vate his owne wifedome, and carnall reafon ; he bath the mot cleare and comfortable difccrning of Chrift in the Gofpell, that is molt apprehenfive of the vanity of his owne wifedome. He that will be made wife unto falva- k t tion by the Gofpell, mull become as a k foole inhis owne Luk.9.2,3, opinion ; he mull deny himfelfe that will acknowledge and embrace Chrift, ahafe himfelfe that will exalt and fet up Chrift, and be out of love with himfelfe that will be in love with Chrift ; he muff difcerne and f ele his owne I ficknelie, his owne poverty, his owne bondage, and emp- tineffe, that will receive Chrift in the Gofpell, as a Phyfi- tian to cure him, as a furety to make fatisfàélion for him, as a conquerour to free him, and as a fountaine to611 him. When `David Pent his fervants , and communed by them 1 a Sam.z$. with Abigail to take her to wife ; .lhe arofe and' boltedher 40,4 i. felfe on her face to the earth, and Paid, behold, let thy hand- maid be a fervant to walk the feet of the fervants of my Lord. When Chrift communeth with us by his fer- vants , the Minitiers in the preaching of the Gof- pell, to take our foules to him to wife : We mull rife up, ' with all lowly reverence, entertaine their meffage, recei- z Thef.a.i3. ving it as the Word of God, and not of man ; wee mull bow our (elves to the earth , humble and abate our (elves ;very low, Chewing all obedience to their dotirine,and ready to minifler any fervice to their perfons, as Saint Pauli teflifes of the 9'alathians, My temptation (faith he) which wGaI.4.14,1S. ÌWar in my flefbye in deiifed not nor reietled, but received mm i