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Chrift received chiefly andfully. _ me as An Angell of God, even as Chrift Iefu. I Beare you record, that if it had been pofble, ye Mould have plucked out your one eyes, and have given them to. me. Great is the love and reverence (Mewed by Gods children towards Chrift and his Miniffers in the Gofpell. Chriff is ever fo much the more precious unto men, by howmuch the more they are abafed in their owne fence and feeling; Chrifts favour, dwelling, and communion, is onely with the foule which is truly i3 humble.. Ifa.6'6. 6. Chiefly. Chriff is the higheff King, and mull havethe 6Chicfy chiefe,P toome in theheart of man,Chriff excels all creatures, and muff have preheminence above all others in the hearts i of his receivers, ° hagan in the Philiffines Temple fatsbefore o a sam.5.4. the Arke ; the creature, and whatfoéver elfe in the heart of man, muff fall before Chrift ; all muff be bate and vile in comparison of Clarift ; the Eldersof Clileaábringing home againe Ieptha tofight for them againff the childrenofAmmon, made him their p head. .Man bringing home, and receiving p Inds 11.9,ro Chrift into his heart to fight for him against Satan, and his corruption, mutt make him his head, exalt him, and give him preheminence above all creatures. Chrift is King of Kings, and muff have preheminence inour obedience, as, ace, kings have in the hearts of their loyall Subjects ; Chrift is the husband ofhis. Church, and muff have preheminence in our love, as husbands have in the hearts of their chafe ,, Cor.a a.t. and loving wiles ; Chriff is the pearle of choifell worth, and muff havepreheminence in our choife, and eftimation,,. Mac.a ;.44. as the pearle with the Merchant above the droffe. Christ is the Sun ofcleáreff and fweetefc light, and mull havepre heminence in our underftanding, as the Sun in theeye above Mil 4,.1. other lights ; Chriff is the fureff, the moil confiant' and loving friend mull have preheminence in our delight C2nc,5,16,. And joy , as a friend hath preheminence in the jdy of his friend above all ftrangers : He is farre from the true recei- ving of Chriff , that doth not thus exalt Chrift ; he doth very fhamefiilly abafe Chrift that fets up any thing above Chrift ; hee neither difcernes the worth, nor tapes the fweetneffe of Chrift in the Gofpell, who makes not f me 3r