Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

To the Chriíaian R E A D S R,, Reverend and Chriftian Reader, Here ris nothing more pleafant and comfortable, more animating an inabling, more ravifhing andfoule- contentingtoatrue Chriftian, then thefrequent andferioiis mea'tarien ofchri f`t, then anholy and humble, ÿ a íveet and con ant commerce and communion with Chriff : Chrift le fus being the wholeofmans happineffe ; the Sunne which gives him light in darknefe ; thePhyfsteon whichheales his feulesfickne/ ; the wall of fire which defends him in the a/faults ofallenemies; the Friend comforting him in his heavinefe; the Arke fupporting him in the deluge of all his difireff s ; theRockefiaflaining him under the heavi- ef? preffures ; the enjoyment ofChrift folaceth in the deepelt farrows ; the want of drift diftracleth in the greateft worldly abundance. Who but drift is the cloudy Pillar,proteEting andlea- ding Gods Ifrael; the heavenly Mannafeeding the Lords people ; thebrazenSerpent curingGods children of thv finfull venome which the fiery Serpent bath infus'd into them : Who but Chrift is she Propitiatory or Mercy- Seat in whom mercy itfeate ,, and through whom it is r re- d