Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

The Epiftle to the Reader. vealed andcommunicatedtoall thatthir(t after it ; thefa- cobs ladder by whom God defcendeth unto man, andman afeendethunto God ; the TableofShew-bread on whom ourfoules are feafted ; the Candle-flick by which the., Church ofGodis enlightned; the Altar of perfume, in whole name and through whole mediation weanciourpray - ers are accepted : the brazen Laver in whole blood we are wafbed, andthe fiery Chariot by which we [hall at the laß like El iah be tranflitted in tranfcendent glory and tri- umph : Nothing can makethat man m,ferable who bath ciril for his po efs'ton ; thefullefi confluence ofall abili tiwscan nevt retake that mans ellate truly comfortable who bath ate: Chri (ls,fcommunicated tohzán : ChriJ 6e- trn?the onely W: 11 which is .461e torefrem ándfill us, when all o r veßels like. Hag irs, prove empty bottles: the onely .Jonduaor, who u able to leadus, when we ary to thorough the Wildernef, and red Sea of mani. fold adverRies : theonly Companion abletocórnfrt us, When Godcals a:r w.'th the.threechildren to walke in thefe ry fornace offharpe and teaching trials ; the onely Jo- fhua, the onely Captaineof the Lords Hots, whs can re (Cue us, when the A-moritifh Princes, either men or Divelsdoe befiegeus : fweet and fure is their Refuge, who areunder thepratellien ofthe Lordlefus : He is áhiding placefrom the wind, anda covert from the tempeft, .; rivers ofwaters ina dry place, the fhadow of a great rock in a weary Land : The life and liberty, peace and fafety, joy andviaory, wealthandglory ofa Chriftían is trealuredup in Chrq. Be thefore infant andinduJlrious,giving J diligence, r. Tomake Chrift fure unto thy lelte : WithBoaz inanother cafe be in no refs untill thou. finiplied this thing