Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Creature empty,uncomfertable, entbrollin , polluting. 41 his path is a way of Mares, and his bed is abed ofthornes ; his abundance will not fuller him to q Jleep, that doth not q Eccl. t s, repofè his foule on Chrill ; his bread is bread ofrforrozve.r, r nr 1.TL7,L; that doth not feaíl and feed his foule upon Chri 1. World- ly abundance is a f fnare entangling, an arrow piercing, a l't'Tim.& fword wounding, a tempelluous fèa toiling, íhaking, Brow- yy,o, ning them that pofêfhe it, and peifeflè not Chrifl with it the greater poflèflon, the greater trouble to him that re- ceives not Chrift in the Gofpell e It is not the having of' the creature in the houfe,but the havingof(brill in the heart, that minifiers truepeace and comfort. 3. The creature to him that receives not Chrifl, is an ;.Enthratlíng, inthralling and inbondaging thing ; it takes away the liberty Gloria regnerü and freedome of the foule, it fetters and imprifons it, it fjlenlidafer. makes a llave and fervant of it ; San pfon doting upon, and Ma- vitas f 'yht`" inordinately applying himfelfe to Dalilah, the gcutoff t hù eetoym, lt. locks, delivered him into the hand of the Philiftines, and IO. made him their flaw. Man that negledeth Chrifl, that re- ceives not Chrill, that is not ravifhed with his beauties, is fo enamoured with the creature, and fo gives himfelfe to the creature, that the creature robs him of the ftrength of faith, and fpirituall love, and makes him a flave to him- a 1 felfe and his owne lulls, the creature ever fwayes in that foule"Iike a tyrant, where Chrifc is not ; he that refufeth t be Chrifts Subjeft, makes himfelfe the creatures flave ; therefore are they termed the u fervantr ofciWammon, for a'Mat.6,L4. ¡their alienation from Chrift and fpirituall freedome , for their fubjeEfion and flavery under the world, and they are faid to tip' ferve their owne belly and not Chrip. Mofl mifera- tV R.2116. a8. ble and wretched is the foulcs bondage, which receives not the Lord Iefus. 4. The creature to him that receives not Chrifl,is apot -- 4Polluting. lutinganddefiling thing, it makes the foule a very fluke, and cage of uncleanneffe, a very den and dungeonoffilthineffe ; as the Temple before Chrifl entred into it, wasmade a den of theeves. Exclude the houfewife out of the houfe, and all the refidue ofgoers and commers, and implements brought into the houfe make a foule houfe ; exclude Chrifl out of G the