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46 Fruftration of Ordinances in not receiving(170. if they doé not truly fubje;` themfelves to Chrii , if they receive not Chrift as their fpirituall King ; for what is the d a Cor.t t a, end of our-preaching , but to d esÿoufe you to Chrift , to worke you to the receiving and embracing of (Thrift, as the husband of your foules ; and to prefent- you as'a chance virgin unto Chrift ; beiides all your hearing, all your attendance upon the word is vaine, it is all hypocrifie andvain# often- e Gcn.4a. tation if you receive not Chrift. e Iacobs formes had gone to Egypt in vaine, if they had returned empty handed, and not carried home provition with them. 1. ou come to the Well in vaine, if you drinke not, if you carry homeno water with you : you come to Gods houfè, toGods trea- fury, to the wels of fälvation in vaine, if you rename empty hearted ; ifyou receive not, if you carry not home Çhrift with you in your hearts, all your labeur is left: 7he tern- porall curfe denounced on the people by the Prophet Hag- Hag, Li. gai, is in a fpirituall fence fulfilled in fuch : Ye fhave foarne much and bring in little, ye eat but ye have not enough , ye drinke but ye are not filled with drinke, ye death youbut there i, none i arme, and he that earneth wa.-es, earneth to pat it in a broken bag with holes. Thus in this cafe, much is heard, much f;nrituall feed is fowne, but little or no fruit is rea- ped ; they eat much, they heare much, but there is no 1pi- rituali filling, their worldly thirft is not quenched , their foule is not fatisfied in Chrift ; there is no warmth., no love, no zeale for Chrift, no burning of heart in hearing, no fervency in füpplication ; all that the Minifter hath pro- vided, and difpenfed for the foules enrichment, it is all put in a broken bag with holes , it is all loft, it runnes out as fart as it is powred In ; if we recivenot Chrift in theGof- pell, all our hearing is worth nothing. 5.&xcellency 5. Meditate upon the dignity, excellency, utility and com- of receivino fort of receiving and embracing Chrift in the g pell. i.Chrif1 thrift. received in the Gofpell, giveth life unto the foule : Hee Chr:ú received quickned Lazarus by his corporali voice accompanied with. giveth [.Life. q the power of his God-head ; he quickeneth the foule by his Evangelical) voice attended with the lively operation of his Spirit, the Gofpell is the external) inftrument and i means i