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- ----- Fruflration of Ordinances ¡nnot receiving Cbrift. of difpleaíure againft him , as a man of Warre lrendirij his bow, and whetting his.fword to deftroy him, as a rocke ready to fall upon him, and grinde him to pouder, as a tempe.ftuous Tea, ready to (wallow him , and as a confumina fire, and everlafling burning, ready for evertoconíame and to dcftroy him. Very dreadfull, and foule-amafing , and 'frightciing is mans meditation and apprehenfion of` Goal, that Both not favirgly apprehend him in thrift, fuch a man flies from the thought of God, the voice of' God,and the prefnce of God, as Adam fled into the thicker, as a filly fheep flies before the Lyon, a guilty malefactor be- fore the hue and cry or a Partridge before the Hawke. This makes them cry to tie hill tob cover them , and to the rocks and the mour.t-rines to fall upon them, to hide them from the day of the Lord, and the wrath of the Lambe. God looks' upon without thrift Iefus, is the terrour of' all terroars to a guilty foule, and accufing confcience. Were men truly apprehenfìve and f nfible of the wrath of God without thrift, their f)ules would be at no reft until they had af- fured intereft in Chrift the fiercenefïe and terrourof'God againft (inners, doth exceedingly endeare and fwecten the Lord Iefus to the faules of his faithfull fervants ; had we.: frequent and right confderationof 'the terribleneffe ofGod without ChriffI efts, thrifts comming in the Gofpell would beunfpeakably joyful. 4. Looke upon the fruflration of all the Ordinancesof god, and labours of Clods A2inifters by meals not receiving ofChrift in the Jos`fiell. He that doth not receive and embrace thrift preached in the Gofpell, annihilates all the labour of' Gods mcffenger had not Rebeckah received lfaac to husband, fhe had fruftrated all the labour ofEleazar the fervant of Abraham : 1f we receive not thrift to husband, we fru- ffrate the labour cf the Ivlinifters, the Lords fervants. Should note Abner have brought about Ifrael unto David, he had loft his labour , his communication with the Elders of I j= rad, and bis flecking in the eaves of Benjamin had been in vaine. Thus all our preaching, all our fpeaking in the cares of men is in vaine, if they benot brought about to thrift if 45. b Rev.E.j6; 4.Frt,flration of Gods Ordi- nances not en- tertaining Chrift. c a Sgm.3.17. 0111111111111111mr