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54 i Want of joyful receiving Chttit thewes, t ;Want of knowledge. z.Want of . i Love. Knowledirearil lave ,to ChrifE. fulneM to fátisfie us, Chrift will not be pleafed with a ver- ball he will have a reali entertainment ; with 7udu to kifft Chrift with our lips , outwardly to give him faire words, and fecretly to nouri(h treafon and rebellion in our hearts aggainft him, is a turfed -welcome. With foa6 to falote Chrift with one hand, and flab him with auo,her hand, as yoab at once faluted and flew Abner, to falute Chria by an outward and open prcf:Ilion, and to flabhim by à corrupt and- diffolute converfation is very unfeemly, fhatnefull, and di(honourable for any Chiillian. Let there- fore our fpirituail, univerfall, cheerful! and conffant fubj e Rion untoChrift declare the truth and joy of' Chrtffs wel- come untous. If we rejc yce not in Chrif},. ifChrift: comming in the Gofpell be not welcome, Where is our knowledge of Chrift if we rejoyce not in (. brift comming in the Gofpell ;- the blind eye hath- no jay in the Stanne, but to th-feing eye the light.: is (wen-, and it is a pleaant thing fo behold the Some ;.to the ignorant Chrift is nothing joyfull,._but to them that. have the eyes- of their underftanding opened, Chrift is very. pleafant,. he is in their eye the faireft of ten' thoufand.; to them the knowledge of Chrift is pleafant, to him that knowes the Wifrdome of .Chrift {hieing into his heart, and -- making him wife.unto falvation, to him that knowes the death of'-Chrift , mortifying his hafts and cor- rupt n1fß:lions, the refurretion of Chrift fpiritually re- viving and quiekning him , to him that knowes the righ- teoufneffe-of Chrifls cloathing, and juftifying' him, to him that knowes the blefl d pref nce of Chrift;encouraging him, to_ hiin that knoWes- the , iiLfiifciency. of Chrift fatisfying him , to him that knowes. the gracious diffienf'thits; of Chrift, miniftring the fence of his love and peace tohim; to that man Chrift iswelcome in theGofpell.Mans ignorance deprives hito ofall Chrifts comforts. a. Where isour loveto .Ch ifl, if Chrift be not welcome? David loved y-onatban and 7onathan was very .pleasant to him. Old 7acob loved 7ofeph, and his ff iriy revived when he fa-w the waggons which MTh had lent, he was very glad