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Mansof fïringhimfelfe to Chrift. Mansexalting Chrift, 5'3 it appeare that Chrift is welcome by our garnifhing our z By grin- hearts with all fpirituall ornaments, futable, and fit for the fhin; riaé heart entertaining of Chrift, putting our hearts into fuch a gra- cious frame and temper, that Chrift may take pleafirre in us : The gate of the Tabernacle was very coftly and glo- rious, having a hanging made for it y of blew, purple, rkar- ynod 25. let, and fine twined linnen wrought With needle-worke, thepil- 36'37. lars for the hangings being overlaid with gold , and their hookes of gold, to fhadow out, and fignifie the making glorious of the heartsof Gods cleft, by faith, andother gifts of the Spirit, toentertain Chrift the glorious King. 3 Make 3 By off£'ui,tg Chrifts welcome apparant, by offering your (elves toChrift; O4r fewer to the wife men rejoyced in Chrifts comming, and they fell Chr;(t. downe and wor(hipped him, opened their treafures, and t mat. z,fo''r. -z-prefnted to him gifts, gold, frankincenfe, and myrrh. Thus let us rejoyce in Chrift comming in the Gofpell, fall downe before him , make the whole man vaile and ftoop to Chrift, and to him let us offer the goldof a pure heart, the frankíncenf ofholy and humble prayer; and the myrrh ofpatient fuff'cring, and bearing Chrifts croffe; to him let us -yeeld our a bodies, foules , and all our fubitance , as a a Rom. r z.x, holy and acceptable facrifice. 4. Manifeft every manChrifts I ç,By<sacng i welcome by exalting Chrift above every thing in your (b; heart, doe not fet him as effe did David b behinde the b, Sam,t6.ti.i ,ewes, but fet him as Tharaeh did 7ofeph, above all his Nobles, and over all his land ; allow him univerfall and abfolute jurisdidtion over the whole man, cut off whatfoever Both rebell againft him. 5. Declare Chrifts welcome by your s By Love, to him, as to the bridegroome of your fouler;by your Faith,confor- faith and dependance upon him, as upon your onely ro ke, miry and ac- and hire foundation -; by your full and threugh-conform, P e!czncc. your felves to his ftatutes and teftimonics, as to that which is the light of your feet, the lanthorne ofyour paths , and the delight of your foules, and by a holy andracious ac- ejuiefcence in Chrift, as in the Counfellor in whom is ail wifedome to direct} ; as in the king, in whom its all au- thority to command ; as in the rocke, in whom is all to. fupport ; as in -the fountaine, in whom is all H 3 fulneffe