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66 Exa2ionof gofpell,Subverfion.of Sataa. _.T 1 boas and undertakings of all them that are thy miniiteriall and underhelpers. This is urged as a fruit and &lea of Chrifts intereft in us. I We are bought (faith the Apoftle) I [ Cor.6,1o. with 4 price, therefore let us glorifie God in our bodies and in our .frits and againe Chrift bath died, that wee who live-, Jhould not henceforth live unto our felves , but to I himwho died for us, and rofe againe; That man Lai not well confider Chrifts intereft in him who puts not him- (elfe and all that is his upon Chrifts fervice. He is doubt- leffe a firanger .to the efficacy and fruit ,of the worke of Chrifts redemption, who. doth not throughly apply him- felfe to the lettingupofChrift and his Gofpell. 4. In regard' of the Subverf:on of Satan and his king- dome. The letting up of the Arke was the fall ofDagon; the letting up of the houfe of David was the overthrow of the houfe of Saul ; the letting up of., Chrift, his King- dom; and Gofpell; is the overthrow of Satan. Where the mLuk, %co s. Gofpell is preached, and Chrift let up, Satan fais like in light- ning from heaven, his holds, of fin are overturned, like the . wais of Jericho at the blowing of the ramures homes, There is no competition between the Devils kngdome, and the powerfull 'preaching of the Gofpell. When David- was once let upon the throne all Ifrael by degrees carne about, left t1ie home of Saul, and bowed unto -avids fcep- ter When Chrift is let upon his, Throne, exalted and li.f. ted up in,the preaching. of the Gofpell, all- that are -or- dained unto life come about..and (coop to Chrift, they leave the feryice of finne, Saran ,:and the world , and vaile to. Chrifts ícepter , they n turne from darknefe to light, andfrom the power of Satan unto God. When Philip preached inSa- maria , the Devils went out of many, that were poffffed by them The Lord bath ordained the miniftery cf the Gofpell- to be the inftrument and meanes of the ruine of Satans kingdome ; and for this.. caufe we fhould come our felves to Chrift , and labour the welfare and increafe of Chrifts Kingdome, that Satan the grand adverfary of our foules, of our peace, of our falvation, may be overthrown and troden under ofoot; and have no more place a in heaven, . hl, z Con 515, 4.Subverfion ofSatan. i Saw: 5.44 { I eRev.16:zó. ' pRevsza,8,