Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

Setting upof Chrifï, Glory of church. in the Church of God, in the hearts of the people of God, but Ge 9 cafl out, as a ftrong man bound is put out of his houle, and a King vanquifhed and overcame is caf} out of, his Kiugdome : He is no true fubjed unto Chrift, that en-' deavours not the fubverfion of Satan and his kingdome, that Chrift alone may raigne, and have compleat dominion over Gods Church and people. r 5.1n regard ofthe glory, C'rowne, and dignity of gods Church, and people. The fatting up ofChrift, his Gofpell, and Kngdome, is the glory of the Church of God; the appearance and thining of the Sunne in the frtlneffe of his beauty is the glory of the world ; the prefenceofthe Arke was the r.. glory of lfrael, being a witneffe of Gods glori- r, San .4.z:. ous prefence among them , the Lord there giving forth his oracles, and hearing the prayers of his people. Thus the pretence, appearance, and bright (hiring of Chrift the Sun of Righreoufneffe in the Gofpell, is the glory of the Church. Where Chrift is in the Gofpell, thereGod is gracioufly pre- fent, clearly manifefting himfelfe to mesas underftanding, and mercifully hearing and anfwering the prayers of his people, and the place where the ordinances of God are, where the Gofpell is publithed, and the myfteries ofGods Kingdnme opened, is called the habitation lof his houle, and fPfal.z6 8. the place where hù honor dwelleth. TheLord doth ever thew himfelfe very glorious to the feules of his fervants, in the ufe of his ordinances ; and vouchfafes great honour to the people, in fetting up his Cofpell and Kingdome among them ; and therefore the Chinch of Gcd iscalled the rglo- t ICa. I r. o: rions refl` of Chrift, becaufe Chrift by his Gofpell, and by his love and grace doth raft there ; that place is ofall pla- ces molt glorious, which is the Evangelical) refling place of Chrift ; and the Lord foretelling the multiplication of his Church, the íncreafe of his faithfull people , and aug- mentation of his fonnes Kingdome, faith het, Will glorifie u IGL6o y, r S. the houle of his _Flory, and make his Church an eternali ex- cellency ; and therefore we fhould mightily endeavour the exaltation of Chrift and his Cofpell, becaufe this is the honour, crowns, and glory of the Church : The cleare,full, I 2 and 67 g Ioh,l z.; I,