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The grounds of it. 69 pie : They not to the houfe of God with the voice i t real 4'.4. of joy and praife, With the multitude that keepe it holy day, neither regard they the voice of the fpirituall driver, they efieeme not the voice of .Gods Minifter endeavouring to drive them from the world unto Gods Church, from finne to bolineffe, and from Satan unto Christ, the rangeofthe mountaines is their p4ture, they feeke no fòod for their f ules but worldly yanities, they looke after no treafure but earthly fubfiance ; they care not what become of Chrift and his Gofpell, if it goe well with them according to the world. The Harp and the V ioli, the Tabret and pipe a Ifa, 5, z z. (faith the Lord by the Prophet) and the wine are in their feafis, but they regard not the work ofthe Lord, neither con- fider they the operation of hishands. Such men are blind, and fee Grounds 9f not the beauties of Chrift and his Gofpell, and therefore tl?isevil. as it is a thing indif rent to the blind, whether the Sun rife or fet, (bine or be ecliofed : fo it is all one to thefe men, whether the Sunne ofRighteoufneífe in theCofpeff, rife or fet, thine or thine not, they neithet rejoyce at Chrifis comming, or grieve at Chrills departing. Such men are unfenfible of the want of Chrifi , and therefore doe no more regard Chrifts pretence in the Gofpell, then a dif- eafed man that feeles not his, e, regards the pre- fence of a Phyfitian. Such men are earthly minded, alto- gether taken up with the world., and thereforeare uncapabte of Chrift, unable to rellifh any fweetnef(e in Chrift, or to :give him any audience in his Gofpell. Eliah fpake moc- kingly ofBaal, to his worfhippers, b Cry aloud, for heù a .ílod, either he it a ;talking, or he is R purfuinz, or he it in a journey , cr peradventure he fieepeth and muß be aVoaked ; and they cryed:alóudfern the Horning to the evening, but there was neither voicenor any to anfwer, nor any that regarded. We may truly fay ofthefe,they aremen,but they are either a talkingof the world,or purfuingoftheworld, withfuch earnefineffe, or fallen intofuch a finf,ll fleep and (lumber, that they cannot heare;and though the Minifter lift uphis voice like a trumpet, and cry aloud, yet there is no voice, nor anfwer of faith and obedience, nor any regard !hewed by them to Chrift and btKino 8.27.