Grosse - Houston-Packer Collection BT268 .G91 1632

68 Notto regardwefareof gofpellisvery evill, and open enjoyment of Chriff in the Gofpell, istheprime glory of any place or people. Such people are very bate and ignominious, whatfoever be their outward abundance,who enjoy not Chriff in his ordinance; that man is altogether regardlefheof the honour, dignity, and gloryofGods Church and people, who labours not the exaltationofChriff and his Gofpell. CHAP, 1X4 Impiety of N this as in a glatie we may with open face behold the three forts I great impiety and fhamefull prophaneneie of three forts opened: of men. I. Such as have no regard, nor defære unto no lea- t.Non_re welfare nor delight in the o Brit and Welfare o hrifis deys of lE llrr .y f C King- of Gofpell. dame and Gofell: Like Callio, they care for none of thefe things, it is a matter indifferent unto them, whether the Gofpell fnke or fwim , whither Chríffs Kingdome fraud or fall, flouriffi or wither ; the Lord faith of the Wilde tv Iob ;g,6, Affe. I.have made the wildernefe lie.houfe, anti the bar- 7,8. ren land his. ddbelling He fcorneth the multitude of the City, neither regardeth he the crying of the driver , the range of the meunraines is his pafture, and he fear- cheth after every greene thing : Such wilde Afil'ts are thefe men, the wildernefl' of'the world is their habitation, they x Pfat,24.4. regard not, they delire not with David to x dwell in the honteof the Lord ; they delight in a barren land , where are no waters, and wels of falvation ; they regard not the y Pfal.z ;.í. y greene paftures of holy and heavenly doetrire , in which the Lord feeds the foules of his people : They thirst not after the frill waters of the Gofpell, and fweet confolati- ons of the Spirit , with which God refrefheth the foules of his children, they fcorne the multitude of the citizens . of the new Jerufalem, the holy affemblies of Gods peo- ple;