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eíí'Íí menmuff? exalt Chriflt Kingdome. and theGofpell to flourifh, and the Dagon of fuperftition, ufury , drunkenneffe, &c. difgraced , (flamed , and caf} to ground ; the Priefls, the Captaine of the Temple, and the Sadduces, were ngrieved that theDifciples taught thepeo- ple, and preached through Iefus the refùrreftion from the dead, and the two Prophets in the Revelation are faid to torment them that dwell on the earth. The glorious fhining of the Sunne is a trouble to difeafed eyes, the bright and cleare fhinìng of the truth is a torment ro prophane, and ungracious foules ; fuch as grieve not for their fin, grieve at the Gofpell, the meanes of mortifying fin ; fuch as moft rejoyce in fuperftition, prophanenefle, and the vanities of the world, are molt grieved and troubled at the powerfull preaching of the Gofpell. O how great is mans blindneffe 1 how firange is mans perverfeneffe 1 that he fhould be rnoft hgrieved and troubled at the pretence of that , which God athordained to be the inftrument of mans greateft honour, profit,and comfort. CHA?. Xi Admonitionto A 1.1 men fhould learne by this, to worke their hearts, fet up Chrifis L .a to imploy their thoughts , and to give themfelves to Kingdome and the utmoft of their abilities: to the advancement of Chrifts GoCptff. Kingdome and Gofpell, to the Petting Up of Chriff upon his throne, in his Church, here on the face of the earth. Zado( the Prieft, Nathan the Prophet, Benaiah the forme of9ehoiad4, and the Cherethites, and the Pelithites, P meted Solomon to ride upon the Kings mile, they anointedhimKing pi ging.r. in Gihon, and all the fervants of King David came and 44,45.,46,47. faid, God maki the name of Solomon better then thy name, and his throne treater then thy throne : All kings and rulers, all Minifters and teachers fhould fet up Chriff , and caufe him