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Allonerrmuftexalt Chri fts Kingdome. 73 him to ride in fpirituall triumph upon Gods Church, and all the fervants of the Lord from the higheft to theloweft fhould pray for the profperity, fucceffe, honour and enlarge- ment of Chrifts Kingdome : Ail Ullagi}frates as reprefen- Magiflrares. tative q gods should be in (lead of God to Chrifts Church, gP1al.8z.t. as r fhepheards they fhould fee that fpirituall paflures be pro- r ICa.44.18. voided for Chrifts flocke, and that all wolves, beares and foxes, all inftruments of annoyance be kept far from them ; as t nurfing fathers and nurfing mothers they fhould be care- rufa.49 23. full that provifion be made kr Chrifts family ; and as they are (tiled the t fhieldsof the earth ; fo they fhould be carefull r ICa1.4g 7. to minifter defence to Chrifts Church and people againft the power and fury of all that offer any injury to them. Thus they mutt o kite the fount with the kiffe of love and u PCa1. i. ::. affection, with the kiffe of honour andexaltation, with the kiffe of reverence and fubjeftion, with the kiffe ofcongra- tulation and rejoycing , with the kiffe of prayer and wel- wi(hing , endeavouring to the utmoil of their power the propagation of Chrift and his Gofpell. All Minifiers as builders in Chrifts houfe , as Rewards in Minifters. Chrifts family , as teachers in Chrifts fchoole, as labourers in Chrifts vineyard, as under-rowers in Chrifts fhip, as burning lamps in Chrif}s. Temple, as watchmen in Chrifts City, should by their frequent preaching, wholfome do ctrine, (harp reprehenfion, wife admonition, feafonable and gracious confolation, and holy walking propagatethe Gol- Pell, advance the Kingdome, and increafe the number of Chrifts people, and make the Lord Jefus every day more and more glorious in theeyes of all beholders. All Matters and rulers of families fhould ftrive the ex- Mailers ofFa. altation of Chrifts Kingdome, by being as Kings, Prophets, 'flilies, and Priefts, within their domefticall wals, by their godly government, Chriftian infirudion, and holy prayer and fup- plication with and for them, that are under their jurisdiction, teaching themwith Abraham to know the Lord, bringing themwith Cornelius to the miniftery of the word, and ma- king their houfes with Philemon a ChurchofGod. All private perfons fhould likewife put theirhands to this Private perfons` worke,