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Danger ofnotexalting (brill. very free and full in his exinaition , and abafement for our honour and advancement : The condition ofman was fo extreamely bafe and (harxefiull, that nothing but thehumi- liation of the Sonne of God was able to reflore honour to him : And; how ready fhould we be to put all under the feet of Chrift, to imploy allto the honour of' Chrift, who hath done fo much to honour us. We fhould (faith Chry- fostitome) preferre nothing above Chrift, beta*ale hepreferred no- thing above ne. As he vaiied and bowed downe himfelfe, and all that was his, for our falvation fo fhould wevaile and bow our felves, and all that is ours, for the exaltation of his Gofpell and kingdome. The meditation of Chrifts abating himfelfe for us, fhould make us fludious and inqui- fitive how to honour Chrift : Thou haft been carefull for us with all this care (faid the Prophet to the woman of Shunem) what i5 to be donefor thee : Thus fhould we fay to Chuff, thou haft been humbled and abafcd, thou haft fuffered a great fuffering for us, what is now to bedone for thee ? what (hall we doe to honour thee, to exalt and magnifie thy name, who haft undergone fb great difgrace and fhame for us. The more Chrift humbled himfelfe for us. the more he fhould be exalted by us ; Chrift made him- felfe a c facrifice for us, and we fhould a facrifice our felves, and all that is, ours to him, and his fervice. Chrift gave himfelfe for our falvation, and we fhould give our felves to him, and the exaltation of his kingdome ; Chrift was contented to be made low, and as a very nothing, as a e wurme and no man, that we might he made the f ulnefe of him who filleth all in all, and we fhould be content to abafe our felves, and to be reputed vile and as nothing in the eyes of men to fet up Chrift, to make him and his Gof- pell glorious in the eyes of the people. He doth neither wifely, nor gracioufly confider Chrifts humiliation, that doth not ;rile himfelfe to the exaltationof Chrifts name and kingdome.. 5. Meditate the fweet, the great, and wonderful) 4leing that commeth unto men by the exaltation of Chrifts gold. The fetting up of the Arke in the houfe of Obed-edom cau- Nil debemaa Cirillo prepo nere, quia nec nsbie,ilte guic- quaraprepofuit z King.41 3. e Eph, p r. dltom.ra.i. e, f s.Bleffing at- tends the exal- tation of the Gofpell.