Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

The Epifile DecP-4tary. . you think how much of your poor Minifters lifelies at your mercy. If I fhould meafure my lifeby the joy of it, (as indeed who doth not ?) Then in Tome uprighmeffe le can faywith Paul, I live as I fee any of you Band fait in the Lord, and die as I fee others ft ind fait in their fins, not tobe moved with all the entreaties of the Gofpel which have wooed you.. Andwhy (mydear friends) (Mould not the lifeofyour foules be muchmore precious in your own fight then mine ? But I forbear, I wouldnot willingly be thoughr,as Come husbands are, to bekinder to you abroad before ftrangers, then'Iam at home. What I prefent you with in this Treadle, is a difh from your own table, and fo (I hope) will godown the better, You cannot defpife it (though the fare be mean) except youwill blame your felves who chofe the Cook, Jeaiti not be earneft with others, to beftovv fo much time as to readover there plain Sermons, left it fhould be to their loffe it were but to call them from gathering (heaves in the more fruitful laboursof°then toglean a few eares,and- thole but thin alto inmine; with you, mypeople, may be a little bold. Phyficians fay., the mothers milk' though not foweightyas anothers, if no noxious-humour be rafted in it, becaufe natural, is more proper for the childe then a ftrangers. And,I think, it wouldnot 'bean errour, if I fhould fay it held in the milk which the Minifter gives to his flock. Apeople confciencioufly lying at the breafts of their ownMinifter,(if themilk he gives be whole- forne) may expert thebleffing of God for their nourifh merit, though it has not fomuch lufcioufneffe topleafe the curious tafter as come others. Well, whatever thefe Ser- mons were, foine of thole few fpiritswhich you found' in bearing, will be miffing in the reading of them. It is as ufie to paint fire with the heat, as with pen and ink to corn°