Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

A tomy Dearly Beloved Friends and Neighbonrr, the Inhabitants of L A VENHAM. .M Dear Friends, °lemonfaith, The defire of a man is hts kinde- `I nee, and a poor man is better then a liar,) Prov. /19. 22. If youbeof his minde, I dare promife thefe Notes, (which I here de- vote toyour fervice) a kinde acceptance adt your hands. Youwill finde me to be the poor man , by the mite I prefent you with but thehearty defire of your e- ternal happineffe fromwhich it comes) will(I hope) clear me from being the liar. I never could be fo ferviceable toyou, as many lylinifters are to their people, having been withyou in much weakneffe, and fill it is the good plea- fureof God, I fhould be flaked down to a fliort tedderof ftrength and other abilities; I have reafon therefore, (that I may, thoughnot recompence that want, yet ex- preffemydeep fence thereof) to croud the more love into the little I cando foryou. And truly my heart is enlar- ged toyou, and toGod for you. If any thing makes me loath to be gone into another world, (which my drop- . ping houfe bids meabovemany prepare for) it is not the Leaf to think I {hall leaveno more of you walking in the way to eternal life, and you who are on your way thither, in no clofer Gape-I-order for your mutual help and COM- fort in yourjourney : yea while I amamong you, little d bms 'A 3 you