Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

Put on the wholeArmour ofGod. have chofe whether he would have given theegrace or no, but ,having done this, thy relation to him and his Covenant alfo do oblige him, to addemore and more till he bath fitted thee as a Bride forhimfclf in glory. fcts$0441.#014itrtf+04-14140-tmoNii-ai CHAP. V. Oftheufe ofour iritual Armour, or the exercife of grace. e fourth and let branch in the Saints furniture is , theufe they are to make thereof ZNIIi=0,1 77;s1 7.,ttro7sAicuf 7cieeu: pHs on the whole iirmoar of God. Briefly what is this duty, put on I Thefe being Saints, (many of them at leaft) he writes to, 'cis not only putting on by Converfion, what fume ofthem might not yet have; but alfo, he means they fhould exercife what they have. It is one thing to have armour in the houfe, and another thing to have it buckledon : tohave grace in the prin- ciple, and grace in the aft; fo that the inftrucction will be, It is not enough to have grace, but this grace mull be kept in ma, exercife. The Chriftians Armour is made tobe worne; no laying down, or putting off our Armour, till we have done our war- fare, and finifhed our courfe. Our Armour, and our garment of flefh oo off together; then indeed will be no need of watch andward, fhield or helmet. Thole militaryduties and field- grace;, (as I may call faith, hope, and the reft) they (hall be ho- nourably difcharged. In heaven we Ihall appear, not in armour, but in robes of glory ; but here they are to beworne night and " day : we muff walk , work, and fleep in them, or elle we are not true fouldiers of Chrift ; this Pant profeffeth to endeavour, Aar z 4. 16 Herein do I exercife my (elf, to have alwayes a con- fcience void of offence towards god ansi towards man. Here we gave this holy man at his acmes, training and eitercifing himfeif in 4.