Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

8 2 Put on the whole Armour of God. in his poftures like fome fouldier by himfelf handling his pike, and inuring Iiimfelf before thebattel, Now the Reafon of this is, SECT: 1, 1. Firft, Chrift commands us to have our Armour on,oergrace in exercife, Luke 12. 35. Let yor tables be girdedabout, and your lights burning. Chrift fpeaks, either in a martial phrafe as to fouldiers, or, in a dometlick as to fervants : If as to fouldiers, then let your loynes he girded, and your lights burning, is, that we fbould be ready fora march, having our armour on, (for the belt goes overall,) and our match light, ready to give fire at the firft alarm of a temptation. If as to fervants, which feems more natural, then he bids us (as our Mafter that is gone abroad) not through (lothor fleep put off our clothes, and put out our lights, but ftand ready to open when he (hall come, though at midnight. 3Tis not fit the Matter fhould fland at thedoor knocking, and the fervant within fleeping ; indeed there is no duty the Chriflian hath in charge, but implies this daily exer- t The". cife; Pray, but how ? without cealing: Rejoyce, but when ? ever- 16,17. more : Give thanks, for what ? in every thing. The fhield of 11),:t.I. 13 faith, and helmet of hope,wemull hold them to the end. The fumme of all which is, that we fhould walk in the confront exer- cife of thefe duties and graces. Where the fouldier is plac't, there he Hands, and mutt neither flit nor fleep, till he be brought off, When Chrift comes, that foule fhall only have his blef- fing, whom he finder fo doing. 3. Secondly, Sa tans advantage is great whengrace is not in ex- ercife. When the devil found Chrift fo ready to receive his charge, and repel his temptation, he foon had enough', it is Paid, ke4a 3 He departedfor a fealon, as if in his fhameful retreat he had com- forted hirnfelf with hopes of furprifing Chrift,unawares, at an- other feafon more advantagious to his defigne ; and we finde him coming again, in the moll likely time indeed to have attain- ed his end, had his enemy been man , and not God. Now if this bold fienddid thus watch and obfervc Chrift from time to time,