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............. 0 04 Put on the whole Armour ofGod. moil out ofhis head, whereas another that was but even now conning it over, bath it ad unguem. Perhaps 'cis an affliftion thou art called to bear, and thy patience unexercifed, little or no thoughts thou haft had for fuch a time; (while thou wert frisking in a full pafture) and now thou kickeft and flingeff, e- even & a bullock unaccuftomed to the yoke, Jer. 31. 18, where- as another goes.meekly and patiently under the like croffe, be- caufe he had been ftirring up his patience, and fitting the yoke to his neck, You know what a confufion there is in a town, at fome fudden alarm in the dead of the night, the enemie at the gates, and they afleep within, 0what a cry is there heard !, one wants his clothes, another his fword, a third knows not what to do forpowder ; thus in a fright they run up and down, which would not be, if the enemie did finde them upon their guard, orderly waiting for his approath ; Such a hubbub there . is in a foule that keeps not his armour on, this piece and that will be to leek when he fhould ufe it. Fourthly, we muff keep grace in exercife in refpeet of others, our fellow-fouldiers Paul had this in his eye when he was ex, ercifing hirufelf to keepa good confcience, that he might not be afcandal to others. The Cowardife of one may make others run ; the ignoranceof one fouldier- that bath not skill to handle his armes, may do mifchief tohis fellow-fouldiers about him ; Ionic have fhot their friends for their enemies.; the unwife walk, ing of one Profeffor makes many other faire the work. But fay, thou doeft' not fall fo far as to become a fcandal, yet thou canft not be fo helpful to thy fellow-brethren as thou ihouldeff; God commanded the .Reubenifel and godetes to go before their brethren ready armed, until' the land was conquered : Thus, Chriflian; thou art to be helpful to thy fellow-brethren,who have not (it may be) that fettlement of Peace in their fpirit as thy fell, not that meafure ofgrace or comfort; Thou arc to help fuch weak ones, and go before them (as it were) arm'd for their de, fence ; now if thy gracebe not curdled, thou art fo far, un- ferviceable to thy weak brother. Perhaps thou art a Mafleror aParent who haft a family under thy wing, they fare as thou thrivefl; if thy heart be in a holy frame they fare the better in the duties thou, performeff, if thy heart be dead and down they artlofers by thehand, So thatas the Nurfeseats the more for