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Fut on thewhole Armour ofGod. for the Babes fake fhe fuckles, fo thouldeft thou for their fake, who are under thy tuition, be more careful to exercife thy own grace, and cherifh SECT, 2', 85, 0 but (may fome fay)this is hard work, indeed ,our armour ne- °bier!. ver off, our grace alwayts in exercife. Did God ever mean Religion fhould be fuch a toilfome bufineffe as this would make it? Thou fpeakeft like one of the foolifh world; and fhew-eft thy, Anfiv, felf a meer Changer to the Chriflians life that fpeakeft thus : a burden to exercife grace ? why ? it is no burden to exercife the alts of nature, to eat, to drinks towalk, all delightful to us in our right temper, if any of thefe be otherwife, nature is oppreft, as if ftuff'r, then dfficult to breath, if lick, then the meat offen- five we eate ; fo take a Saint in his right temper, 'tis his joy to be employed in the exercife of his grace in this or that duty, Pf.. 132.1. 1 was gladWhen theyfail logo me, Let no go in'o the houfe of the Lord. His heart leap't at the motion. When any occa- lion diverts him from communion with God, though he likes it never fo well, yet it is unwelcome and unpkafing to him, as you whoare ufed tobe in your(hops from morning to night, how tedious is it for you to be abroad fome days, though among good friends, becaufe you are not where your work and calling lies ? AChriftian in duty is one in his,calling, as it were in his fhop where he fhould be ; yea, where he would be, and therefore far from being tedious. Religion is burdenfom to none, as to thole who are infrequent in theexercife of it, Ufe makes heavy things light, we hardly fuel theweight of our clothes, becaufe fitted to us, and worne dailyby us, whereas the fame weight on our fhoulder would trouble us: thus the grievoufneffe of religi- ous duties to carnal ones, is taken away in the Saints, partly by the fitneffe of them to the Saints principles, as alfo by their dai- ly exercife in them. The difciples, when newlyentered into the wayes of Chrift, could not praymuchor faft long ; the bottles were