Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

- Put on the whole Arfnour ofGod. mighteft have known before, if thou wouldeft have oftner red up and exercifed thygrace,. Thirdly, exercife of grace cloth invite God to. communicate himfelfto fuch a foul. God lets the Chriftian at work, and then rneetshim in it. Vp and he doing, and the Lord be With goo. He fits a foul a reading as the Eunuch, and then joyneFi to his chari- ot a praying, and then comes the meffenger from heaven, 0 Daniel greatly beloved. The spoufe, who loft her Beloved on her bed, findes him as the comes from the Sermon, Cant. 3. 4. It was hit a little that I pa Jedfrom them, but I foiind him whom my fate loved. SECT. 3. This falls heavy on their heads, who are fo far from exerci- fing grace,that theywalk in the exercife of their lufts,their hearts are like a glaffe-houfe, the fire is never out, the chop-windows never flaut, they are aiwayes at work, hammering fome wicked project or other, upon the anvil of their hearts; there are forrce who give full fcope to their lulls, what their wretched hearts will, they Shall have ; they cocker their lulls as fome their children, deny them nothing , who (as it is recorded of David to e. (do- do not fo much as fay to their fouls, Whydoeft thou fo ? why art thou fo proud,focovetous,fo prophane?They fpend their dayes in making provifion for thefe guefts : as at Come I nnes,the houfe never cooles, but as one gueft goes out, another comes in, as one lull is ferved, another is calling for attendance ; as forr,.., exercife grace more then others, fo there are greater traders in; fin, that let more a work then others, and return more wrath in a day then others in a mone,th ; Happy are fuch (in comparifori of tilde) who are chain'd up by Gods reltraint upon their out- ward man or inward, that theycannot drive on fo furiously as thefe, who by health of body, power and greatneffe in place, riches and trea lures in their coffers, numb:wife and dedolency in their confciences, are hurried on to fill up the meafure of their fins. We reade of the A ffyrian, that he enlarged his heart as bell, fur etchingout his defires, as men do their bags that are thraciA