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86 Put on the whole Armour of God. were new, and that wine too ftrong, but by that time they had walk'c a fewyeares, they grew mighty in both ; doeft thon com- plain that heaven-way is rugged? be the oftner walking in it, and that will make it fmooth. 2. But fecondly, were this conflant exercife, of grace more trou- blelome to the flefh, (which is the only complainer) the fweet advantage that accrues by this to the Chriftian, will abundantly recornpence all his labour and pains. a. Firft, the exercife of thy grace will encreafe thy grace; The diligent hand makes rich. A provident man counts that loft which might have been got, not only when his money is ftole out of his theft, but when it lies there unimproved. Such a commo- dity (faith the Tradefman) if I had bought with that money in my bags, would have brought me in fo much gaine, which is now loft ; fo the Chriftian may fay, My dawning knowledge, had I followed on to know the Lord, might have fpread to broad day ; I havemore Pmderflanding, faith 'David, then all my teach- ers. How came he by it ? he'll tell you in the next words, for Pie' "9 99 thy teilimonies are my meditation. He was more in the exercife of duty and grace. The belt wits are not alwayes the greateft Scholars, becaufe their ftudy is not fuitable to their parts; nei- ther alwayes proves he the richeft man, that lets up with the greateft flock. A little grace well-husbanded by daily exercife will encreafe, whengreaterinegleded (ball decay. 2. Secondly, as exercife encreafeth, fo it evidenceth grace. Would a man know whether he be lame or no, let him rife, he'll be fooner fatisfied by one turn in a room, then by a long difpute, and he fit Wouldeft thou know whether thou loveft God? be frequent in exerting as of love ; the more the fire is blown up, the fooner been, and fo of all other graces. Sometimes the foule is queftioning whether it bath any patience, any faith ; till God comes and pats him into an afflided eftate, (where be muff: either exercife this grace or perifh) and then it appeares like one that think; he cannot fwim, yet being thrown into the river, then uniting ail his ftrength he makes a fhift to fwim to land, and fees what he can do. How oft have we heard Chrifti- ans fay, I thought I could never have endured fuch a pain,trult- td God in Inch a ftrait, but now God bath taught me what he cando for me, what he bath wrought in me ? and this thou might-