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. . . . . ....... 90 Put on the whole Armour ofGod. hedge into:thy neighbours fat pafture, thus ferving thy owns turne by a fin, rather then waiting for Gods blefling on thy honell diligence ; if fo, be not angry we call thee by thy right name, or at leaft queftion whether we may ftile thee Chriftian, whole carriage is fo croffe to that facred name, which is too Ito- : ly tobe written on a rotten poft. Vfe, 4. Be exhorted, 0 ye Saints of God, to walk in the exercife of grace. It is the Minifters duty with the continual breath of ext. hortation, and if need be, reproof, to keep this heavenly fire clean on the Saints Altar. Peter faw it neceffary to have the bellowes alwayes in his hands, 2 Peter. 12.11 'ill not be negligent to put pp: always in remembrance of thefe things, though ye knoll) them, and be ofablifhed in the prefent truth; (that fhall not take him oft) as long as, he is in this Tabernacle, he kith he will stir them up, and be putting them in remembrance, v. 13. There, isa fleepy difeafe we are fubjec2 to in this life ; Chrift though he had roufed up his difciples twice, yet takes them napping the third time. Eitherexercife thy grace, or Satan will at thy cor. ruption, as one bucket goes down, the other rifeth ; there is a body of fin "within, which like a malignant party watcheth for fuck a time to flep into the faddle, and 'cis eafier to keep them down then to pull them down : Thy time is fhorts and thy way long, thouhada belt put on, left thou meaneft to be over- ; taken with night, before thou getteft within fight of thy Fa- : thers houle. How uncomfortable 'cis for a traveller in Heaven- road (above all other) to go potching in the dark, many can with tilting hearts tell thee. And what haft thou here to minde like this ? Are they worldly cares and pleafures ? Is it wifdom to lay out fo much cot}on thy tenement, which, thou art leaving, and forget what thou muff carry with thee ? Before the fruit of thefe be ripe which thou art now planting, thy felf may be rot- ting in the grave. lime A.217, faith the Apoftle, Coe.7.29, 1c4e9's acv,s5-a,,tta't cc, The world is near its Ports and therefore God bath contraaed the failts of mans life but a while, and. there will not bea point to chute, whether we had wives or not, riches or not, but there will be a vaft difference between thole that had grace, and thole that had not; yea, between thole that ' did drive a quick trade in the exercife therof, and thole that were , Pahl.' n More remiffe; the (MC 111811 have an, abundatst entrance into glory, while