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Put on the whole Armour ofGod. while the other final( fuller loffe in much of his lading, which fhall be caft over-board as merchandife that will bear no price in that heavenly countrey ; yea, while thou art here others Thal( fare thebetter by thy lively graces. Thy cheerfulnefl'e and a6tivity in thy heavenly courfe, will help others that travel with thee ; he is dull indeed that will not put on, when he fees fo much metal for God in thee who Icadeft the way: Yea, thy grace will give a check to the fins ofothers, who never {land in fuch awe, as when grace comes forth and fits like a Ruler in the gate, to be feen of all that paffe by. The Swearer knowes not fuch Majefly is prefent, when the Chriflian is mealy- mouth'd, and fo goes on and feares no colours, whole grace had it but her dagger of zeal ready, and courage to draw it forth in a wife reproof, would make fin quit the place, and with shame run into its hole. ?o6 29. 8. The young men fan) me and IA themjelves the Princes refrain'd tallying, and laid their hand an their mouth. And doth not God deferve the beft fervice thou canft do him in thy generation ? Did he give thee grace to lay it up in a dead flock, and none to be the better ? or can you fay that he is wanting to you in his love and mercy? are they not ever in exercife for your good ? Is the eye of providence ever (hut ? No, he'lumbers not that keeps thee, or is it one moment off thee ? No, The eye of the Lord is upon the righteow ; He bath fixed it for ever, and with infinite delight pleafeth himfelf in the obje&. When was his care Phut, or his hand, either from recei- ving thy cries, or fupplying thy wants? nay, doth not thy con- ditiondike up the thoughts of God, and are they anyother then thoughts of peace, which he entertains? A few dropsof this oyle wiiLkeep the wheel in motion, N ,2 That ISKSTAZI717,