Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

94 -That ye may be able tofland Ana Pave an army, when thoufands will not do at another; Satan knowes when to make his approaches, when (if at any time) he is moll likely to be entertained. As Chrifi hath the tongue of the learned to fpeak a word in feafon of counfel and comfort, to a doubting drooping foule, fo Satan thews his black Art, and hel- lifh skill, in (peaking words of fecluftion and temptation in fea- fon, and a vvord in feafon is a word on its wheels. I (hall give you a viewof his fubtilty in fpecial feafons, which he choofeth to tempt in. The firfl feafon he takes to tempt in is, when newly convert- ed. No fowler is this childe of grace, the new creature borne, but this Dragon poures a flood of temptation after it. He learnt the Egyptians but fome of his owncraft, when he taught them that bloody and cruel baptifme , which they exercifeclup- on the Ifraelitifh babes, in throwing them into the river affoon as they were borne. The firft cry of the new creature, gives all the legions of hell an alarm ; they are as much troubled at it, as Herod and Yerufalemwere, when Chrift was borne; and now they fit in Counsel to takeaway the life of this new born King. The Apales met with more oppofition and perfecution in their latter dayes, when endued with larger portions of the Spirit, but with temptations from Satan in their former when young Con- verts ; as you may obferve in the feveral paffages recorded of them. Satan knew grace within was but weak, and their fup- plies promifed at the Spirits coming, not landed ; and when is an enemymore like to carry the town then in fuch a low con- dition .? and therefore he tries them all. Indeed the advantages are fo many, that we may wonder how the young Convert e- fcapes with his life ; knowledge weak, and fo foon led into an errour, efpecially in divided times, when many wayes are held forth, one faying, Here is Chrift; another, There is Chrift, and the Chriltian ready to think every one means honeffly, that comes with good words, as a little childe who bath loft his way to his fathers houfe, is prone to follow any that offer him their conduct, Eiperience of what he knows little; and if teidara whole knowledge fo perfea, yet was loon cheated, (being aii . faulted before he was well warme in 'his new poffeffions,) how much more-advantage bath Satan of the newConvert ? inwhom he findes every grace in fo, great anindifpofition to make refift- anceD