Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

agaitfi the wiles of the &vile 95 ante, both from its own weakneffe, and the ftrength of thecon- trary corruption, (which commonly in fuch is much unmorti- fled) which makes it adwith more difficulty and mixture, as in a fire newly kindled where the fmcke is more then the flame, or like beer newly tunn'd which runs thick ; fo that though there ap- pear more ftrength of affection in filch, that it works over into a greater abundance ofduty then in others, yet with more dregs of carnal paffions, which Satan knows, and therefore choofeth to fir what he fees troubled already. Secondly, when the Saint is befet, with fome great afilidion, This is as fame blinde lane or folitary place, fit for this thief to call for his purfe in. An expert Captain firft labours to make a breach in the wall,and then falls on informing theCity. Satan first got power fromGod to weaken yob in his elate, children health and other comforts he had, and now tempts him to impa- tience, and what not ? he lets Chrift fait fourty dayes before he comes; and then he falls to his work ; as an army ftayes till a Caale be pinch.% for provifion within, and then fends aparley; never more likely to be embraced then in fuch a (trait. A temptation comes ftrong when the way to relief Teems to lie through the fin that Satan is wooing to;when one is poor and Sa- tan comes, What wilt fiarve rather then itep over the hedge and (teal for thy fupply ? this is enough to put flefh and blood to the nand. Thirdly, whenthe Chriflian is about force notable enterprize for Godsglory, then Satan will lie like a Serpent in the way, An eAdder in thepath, that bitethhis boric-heels, Co that his Rider backward. Thus he ftood at jolhaa's right hand to refift him. The right hand is the working hand, and his Banding there implies his defire tohinder him in his enterprize. Indeed the devil was never friend to Temple-work, and therefore that work is fo long a doing. What a handfom excufe doth he help the Jews unto, The time is not come : Gods time was come, but EZek./. 2, not the devils, and therefore he helps them to this poor ihift, perverting the fenfe of Providence as if it were not time, becaufe they were fo poor, whereas they thrive no better becaufe they went no fooner about the work, as God tells themplainly. Pail and Tarnaba had a holy defign in their thoughts, to go vifit the brethren in every City, and strengthen their faith; the devil knew ;