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98 2. ., That- ye may be ableto /land heaven, yet at leaft to bride it that he may thither. go with morepain 049:1"tlic:',7441.44i4;11":111+M4 i CHAP. 11 Satans fubtilty in Managing his temptations, where feveralfiratagems tiled by him to deceive 'the Chriflian, are laiddown. AHe fecond way wherein Satan Chews his tempting fubtilty,,is in thole ftratagemshe ufeth to deceive the Chriftian in the aft of temptation. Firft, he hangs out falfe colours, and comes up to the Chrifii- an in the difguife ofa friend, fo that the gates are opened to him, and his motions received with applaufe, before either be dif- covered; therforehe is Paid,to tneniform himfelf into An eAngtl of light ,2Cor.t r.14.0f all plots 'cis moft dangerous whenhe appears inSamehmantle,and films his foul tongue with faire language. Thus in point oferrour, he corrupts fome in their judgements, bycommending his, notions for precious Gofpel-truths, and like acunning Chapman puts offhis old ware, (errours <1 mean that have layer: long upon his hand) only turkening them a little after the mode of the times, and they go for new light, under the skirt of Chriftian liberty ; he conveys in Ltbertinifme, by crying up the Spirit; he decries and vilifies the Scripture by magnifying faith : he labours to undermine repentance, and blow up good works ; by bewailing the corruption of the Church in its adminiftrations, he drawes unftable fouls from it, and a- mufeth them, till at laft they fall into a vertigo, and can fee no Church at all in being. And he prevails no lefre on thehearts and lives ofmen by this wile, then on their judgements. Under the notion of zeaL he kindles fometimes a dangerous flame of paflion and wrath in the heart, which like a nib fire makes the Chriftians fpirit boile over into unchriftian defires of, andpray- ers