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againft the wiles of the devil. ers for revenge where he fhould forgive ; of which we have an inftance in the difciples, Luke9. 55. where two holy men are de firing that fire may home ' down from heaven. Little did they think from whence they had their coal, that did fo heat them, tilt Chrift told them, re knott, not what Spirit you are of. Some- times he pretends pity and natural affeftion, which in fome cafes maybe good counfel, and all the whileehe defires to promote cowardife and finful fell-love; whereby the Chriftian may be brought to flue from his colours, fhrink from the teuthe-Or de- cline fame neceffary duty of his calling; this his wile Chrift loon fpied,when he got Peter to be his fpokelman, laying, kiafler, pity thy /elf: who ftop't his mouth with that fharp rebuke, let thee behinde Ale, Satan. 0what need have we to ftucly the Scri- ptures, our hearts and Satans wiles, that we may not bid this e- nemy welcome, and all the while think it's Chrift that is our gueft. A fecond policie heufeth is to get intelligence ofthe Saints af- fairs. This is one great wheele in the Politicians clock, to have Spies in all places, by whom they are acquainted with thecoun- leis and motions of their enemies, and this gives them advan- tage, as to difappoint their defignes, fo more fafely to compaffe their own.' ris no hard matter for him to play his game well,that fees his enemies hand. Daviei knew how the fquares went at Court, lonathaniarrowes carried him the newes, and accord- ingly he removed his quarters, andwas too hard for his great enemy Saul. Satan is thegreateft Intelligencer in theworld, he makes it his bufineffe to enquire into the inclinations, thoughts, affe&ions, purpofes of the creature, that finding which humour abounds, he may apply himfelf accordingly, which way the ftream goes, that he may open the paffage of temptation, and cut the channel to the fall of the creatures affeetions, and not force it againft the torrent of nature. Now if we confider bat the piercing apprehenfion of the Angelical nature, how quick he is to take the fent which way the game goes. by a word dropit, the call of an eye or filch a fmall matter i,fignal enough to give him the alarm) his experience in heart-anatomy , having in- fpeCted and (as it were) diffeetecl fo many in his long pradice, whereby his knowledge is much perfetted, as alio his great di- ligence to adde to both thefe, being as dole a Student as ever, 0 2 con- 99 2.