Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

t oo That ye may be able tofland confidering the Saints, and fludyinghow he may do them a mic- e__ chief, as we fee in 70to cafe, whom he had fa obferved that he was able to give an anfwer ex tempore to God what 706/ late and prefent pofture was, and what might be the molt probable means ofobtaining his will of him ; andbefides all this, the cor- refpoudence that hehath with thole in and about the Chriflian, fromwhom he learnes much of his {late, as David by Hilihai in e.ofbridoms cou.nfel ; all thefe confidered, 'cis almoft impoflible for the creature to ftir out of the clofet of his heart, but it will beknown whither he -enclines; force corrupt paffion or other will bewray the Joule to him, as they did David to Sad, who told himwhere he might finde him wilderneffe ofengedi: Thus will thefe give intelligence to Satan, and fay, If thou wouldeft furprize fuch a one, he is gone that way, you fhall have him in the wood ofworldly employments, over head and tares in the defires and cares of this life, fee where another fits under fuch a bower, delightinghimfelf in this childe, or that gift, en- dowment of mind,or the like;lay but the lime-tWig there, Thal! foon.have him in it. Now Satan having this intelligence, lets himaloneto aft his part; he lure cannot be at a loffe him- feif, when his fcholars, (the jefuites mean) have fuch'agility of minde, to wreath and call themfelves into any forme becom- ing the perfons they would feduce. Is ambition the tuff the heart favours ? 0 thepleafing projeas that he will put fuch up- on how eafily having firfl blown them up with vain hopes doth he draw - them into lioreid :fins- ? Thus Haman, that he may have a monopoly-ofhis Princes favour, is hurried into that bloody plot (fatal at lift to hirrifelf) againfl the Jewel:- Is uncleanneffe the lull after which the creatures eye wanders? Now hell be the Pander,- to bring him and his Minion together: Thus he_; finding, ;man lick -of this di leale, fends lonadab deep-pated fellow,, to put- this fine device into his head of ing himfelflick, wherebyhis,Siffer fell into his fnare. Thirdly,in his gradual approaches to the foul:When he comes to tern pt,he is model& asks but a little,he knows he may get that ae many tiines,whichhe fhould be denied if he aslerall at once. A. few arelet into a city, when an ,arrny coming in a body, would- be Phut our, and theiefore that he may beget no fufpition, he ptefents, may be a fewgeneral propofit:ons, which donot dilco. VCE