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againji the wiles of the devil. We reade not only of SA:hogs being call out, but of the uncleane #iritigoing out, (voluntarily) yet with a purpofe to come,again, and bring worfe company with him, Matth, 12. 43. Satan is nor alwayes beat back by the dint and power of conquering grace, but fometimes he drawes off, and raifeth his own liege, the more handfomely to get the Chrillian out of his fallneffes and trenches, that fo he may fnap himon the plaines, whom he cannot come at in his works and Fortifications. Temptations fend the Saint to his Cattle as the fight of the dog doth the coney to her Burrough ; Now the foule walks the rounds,ftands upon its guard, dares not negle&duty, becaufe the enemy is un- der its very walls, !hooting in his temptations continually; but when Satan feems to give the foule over, and the Chtiftian finds he is not haunted with fuch motions as formerly , truly now he is prone to remit in his diligence, faile in his duty, andgrow ei- ther infrequent or formal therein ; As the Romanes, whole I a- lour decayed for want of the Carthaginian troops to alarm them ; let Satan tempt or not tempt, affault or retreat,keep thou, in order, nand in a fighting pollute, let his flight flrengthen thy faith, but not weaken thy care. The Parthians do their enemies molt hurt in their flight, !hooting their darts as they run, and fo may Satan do thee, if thy feeming viaory makes thee fe- cure. 44044. est40464. 0014+0N+:043; zI :+0 CHAP, III. Of Satan' fubtilty,in choofing infiruments fitfor his turne to carry on bis tempting defign. Ir"Fle third particular in which Satan fhewes his fubtilty, as a 1 Tempter is in the choice of thofe inftruments, whom he u- feth for the carryingon this his defign, he as the Mailer-work- man cuts out the temptation, and gives it the fhape, but fome- times he bath his journeymen to make it up, he knows his may; 103