Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

1:04 Thatye may be able toRand may be carried on better byothers, whenhe appears not above board himfelf.Indeed there is not fuch a fuitablenefs between the Angelical natures mans,as there is between one man &another, and therefore hecannot make his approaches fo familiarly to us, as man can do tomaxi ; and here (as in other things) fleas Gods Ape ; you know this very reafon was given, why the //e4e/ites deflred God might not (peak to them, but Mole', andGod liked 0, the motion; They have *ell Paid, faith God, /7vill rail, up a 17. Prophet from the midll of them like ;onto thee. Thus Satan, he u- feth the Miniftery of men like our felves, by which as he becomes more familiar, fo he is leffe fufpeded, while 7041ike, he gets another to do his errand. Now 'cis not anywill ferve his turne for this employment, he is very choice in his infiruments he pitcheth on ; 'cis not every fouldier is fit for an Ambaffage to treat with an enemy, to betray a town and the like. saran con- fiders who can dolis work to his greateft advantage ; and in this he is unhke God, who is tot at all choice in his infiruments, becaufc he needs none, and is able to do as well with oneas an- other ; but Satans power being finites he muff patch up the de- fe6t of the Lions skin with theFoxes. Now the perfons Satan airnes at forhis inftruments are chiefly of foure forts. Tirft, perfons of place and power. Secondly, perfons of Tarts and policie. Thirdly, perfons of holineffe, or at leaft re- puted fo. Fourthly, perfons of relation and intereft. Tit*, Saran makes choice of perfons of place and power. Thefe are either in the Common-wealth or Church, if he can he will fecure the Throne and the Pulpit, as the two Forts that command the whole line. Firft, men of power in the Common- wealth 'cis his old trick to be tampering with fuch. A Prince, a Ruler may ftand for a thoufind ; therefore faith Paul to Ely- mad, when he would have turned the Deputy from the faith ; ()full of all fubt,11,thou childof the devil ! 3.'8 As if he had faid, you have learn't this of your father the devil, to haunt the Courts ofPrinces, winde into the favour ofgreat ones. There is a double policy Saranbath, in gaining filch to his fide. Firft, nonehave filch advantage to draw others to their way : corrupt the Captain, and 'cis hard if he bring not off his troop Niumh.76 with him. When the Princes, men of renown in their tribes, floodup with Corah, prefently a multitude are drawn into the Con-