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againfi the wiles of the devil. t 3 wamilioPareisik.....6.11*fineft God at any time can tell thee, what plots are hatching there a- gainft thee. Confider Satan as he is Gods creature, fo God cannot but know him. He that makes the Watch, knowes eve- ry pin in it. He formed this crooked Serpent, though not the crookedneffe of this Serpent, and though Satans way in tem- pting is as wonderful as the way of a Serpent on a rock, yet God tracethhim ; yea, knowes all his thoughts together. Hell it felt " u naked before him, and this deftroyer bath no covering. A- gain, confider him as Gods Prifoner, who hath him fait in chaines, and fo the Lord, who is his Keeper, muff needs know whither his Prifoner goes, who cannot flir without his leave. Laffly confider him as his meffenger for fo be is, An evil spirit from the Lord vexed Saul , and he that gives him his errand is able to tell thee what it is. Go then and plough with Gods heifer, improve thy intereft in Chrift, who knows what hisFather knows, and is ready to re- veal all that concernes thee to thee, lob Is. 15. It was he who defcried the devil coming againft Peter and the ref of the Apoffles, and faithfully revealed it to them, Luke 22. before they thought of any fuch matter. Through Chrifts hands paffe all that is tranfafted in heaven and hell. We live in dayes of great a&ions, deep counfels, and plots on all fides, and only a few that Hand on the upper end of the world know thefe my- aeries ofState, all the reft know little more then Pamphlet-In. telligence : Thus it is in regard of thefe plots which Satan in his infernal Conclave is laying againft the foules of men, they are but a few that know any thing to purpofe of Satans defignee againft them ; and thofe are the Saints from whomGod cannot hide his own counfels of love, but fends his Spitit to reveal unto them here, what he bath prepared for them in heaven, t Cor.2.1 o . and therefore much leffe will he conceal any deftru&ive plot of Satan from them. Be intimately acquainted with thy own heart, and thou wilt 2. the better know his defign againft thee, who takes his method of tempting, from the inclination and poftureof thy heart. As a General walks about the City, and viewer it well, and then raifeth his Batteries, where he hath the greateft advantage: So loth Satan compaffe, and confider the Chriftian in every part be- fore he tempts. Q Laftly,