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114 That ye may be able tofland 3' Laftly, be careful to reade theWord ofGod with obiervation. In it thou haft the Hiffory of the moll remarkable battels that have been fought by the molt eminent Worthies in Chrifts Ar- my of Saints, with this b creat Warriour Satan ; Here thou mayeft fee how Satan bath foiled them, and how they have recovered their loft ground. Here you have his Cabinet-counfels opened, there is not a luft which you are in danger of,but you have it de.. fcried, not a temptation which the Word cloth not arme you againfl. It is reported that a certainJew fhould have poifoned Luther, but was happily prevented by his picture whichwas fent to Luther, with a warning from a faithful friend, that he fhould I take heed of fuch a man when he taw him, by which he knew the Murderer, and efcaped his hands. The Word fhewes thee, 0 Chriftian, the face of thofe lulls, which Satan employes to butcher thy precious foule; By them i thyfervant rvarned, faith Pf4/. 19. +1.0.441444410.:0444+14114+1.4.)140$10+ H A P. V. Wherein is /hewed thefubtilty of Satan, as a Trou bier andan Acciifer forfin, wheremany ofhis wiles andpolicies to difqiiiet the Saints fpiriti are difrovered. THe fecund General in which Satan appears fuch a fubtile e- nemy; is in molefting the Saints peace, and difquieting the Saints fpirit. As this holy Spirits work is not only to be a San- ifier, , but alfo a Comforter, whofe fruits are rIghteoufneffe and peace, fo the evil fpirit Satan is both a feducer unto fin, and an accufer for fin, a Tempterand a Troubler,and indeed in the fame order. As the Holy Ghoft is first a Sanctifier, and then a Com- forter; to Satan fluff a Tempter, then a Troubler. Jofephs Mi- ftreffe firft tries to draw him to gratifie her lull, that ftring breaking the bath another to trounce him and charge him, and for