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11.11n1E1101M1 aaabaft the wiles of the devil. 1 1 7 on heavily, and can neither care nor deep for grief, here is a re- al trouble begot from a falfe and imaginary ground: Thus Sa- tan obferves how the iquares go between God and his children, fuch a Saint he fees tardy in this duty, faulty in that fervice, and he knows the Chriflian is confcious of this, and that the Spirit of God will alto thew his diflafie for thefe, both which prompts Satan to draw a charge at length, raking up all the bloody ag- gravations he can think of, and give it in to the Saint as fent from God. Thus he taught 7,,br friends topick up thole infirmities, which drop% from him in his diftreffe, and (hoot them back in his face, as if indeed they had been fent from God to de- clare him an hypocrite, and denounce his wrath for the Bra- holt, Should H e knot) the falfe aecttfations e Satanfrom the rebtikei of God andhis Spirit? Fiat' if they crofl'e any former aet or work of the Spirit in thy 4nIt17- foule, they are Satans,not the Holy Spirits Now you (hall ob- ferve,Satans fcope in accufing the Chriflian, and aggravating his fin, is to 'unfaint him,and perfwade him he is but an hypo- crite. 0, faith Satan, now thou haft fhevven what thou arc- fee what a foule fpot is on thy coat,this is not the fpot of a childe; whoever that was aSaint commited fuch a fin after fiich a fort?All thy comforts and confidence which thou haft bragg'd of, were falfe, I warrant you ; thus you fee Satan at one blow dafheth all in pieces. The whole fabrick of grace which God bath been rearing up many yeares in the foule, muff now at one puffe of his malicious mouth be blown down, and all the fweet comforts with which the Holy Spirit hath feal'd up Gods love, muff;" be defaced with this one blot, which Satan drawes over the faire copy of the Saints evidence. Well,foule,for thy comfort know,. ifever the Spirit of God hath begun a fanaifying or comforting work, canting thee to hope in his mercy, he never is, will, or can- be themeffenger to bring contrary newes to thy Ionic, his lan- guage is not yea and nay, but'Tea-and Amen for ever. Indeed when .the Saint playes the wanton, he can chide, yea, will frown and tell the foule roundly of its fin, as he did 'David by Nathan, Thou art the man, this thou haft done,and paints out his fin with fuch bloody colours, as made Davids heart melt , as it were, in-- to many drops ofwaterbu t that fhaII not ferve. his turn,he tell Q..-1 him,