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118 That ye may be able toHanel him what a rod is fleeping for him (that (hail fmart to purpofe,) one of his own houfe, no other then his darling fon (hall rife up againa him, that he may the more fully conceive how ill God took the fin of him, a childe, a Saint, when he than knowwhat it is to have his beloved childe traiteroufly invade his Crown, and unnaturally hunt for his precious life; yet not a word all this while is heard from Nathan reaching David to unfaint himfelf, and call in queftion the work of God in his foule. No, he had no fuch commiffion fromGod, he was fent to make him monrne for his fin, not from his fin tet queftion his Rate which God had fo oft put out of doubt. 2, Secondly, when they afperfe the riches of Gods grace, and fo charge the Chriftian, that withal they reflect upon the good Name of God, then they are not of the Holy Spirit, but from Satan. Whenyou finde your fins fo reprefented and aggravated toyou, as exceeding either the mercy of Gods nature, or the grace of his Covenant, ilk aperit diabolets this comes from that foule liar. The Holy Spirit is Chrifts Spokefman to com- mend him to fouls, and to wooe (inners to embrace the grace of the Gofpel, and can filch words drop from his facred lips, as lhould break the match and fink Chrifis efteem in the thoughts of the creature ? you mayknow where this was mint- ed. When you hearone commend another fora wife or good man, and at laft come in with a but that dafheth all, you will ea- fily think he is no friend to the man, but fome the enemy that by feeming to commend,defires to difgrace the more : Thus when you finde God reprefented to you as merciful and graci- ous, but not to fuch a great firmer as you, to have power and ilrength, but not able to lave thee, you may fay, Avant Satan, thy fpeech bewrayeth thee. SECT. III. Thirdly, anotherwile ofSatan lies in cavilling at the Chrifti- ans duties and performances, by which he puts him to much toil and trouble. He is at Church affoon as thou canfl be,Chriftian, for thy heart, yea, he 113/Ids under thy clofet.window, , and beans what thou fayefi toGod in fecret, all the while ftudying how