Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

The Eplifik Dedicatory. and in their Conquefts reade your own, for in them he fpake withus, as the Prophet of acob. Be thankful for every via-toryyou get, and let not the houlingwilderneffe, yet before you,put the long of yourpraifes for temptati- ons pall out of tune, yet rejoyce with trembling, as thole who are Rill in your enemies countrey, and muff keep by the fvvord what you get by the fvvord Befire you flyind in clofe order among your felves 5 Thefe times give us too many fad examples offuch, who firft fell from communi- on with their Brethren, and then into the devourers hand ; ftraglers are loon fnapit ; you will finde you are fafeft in a body. Take heed ofa private fpirit ; let not on- ly your particular fafety, but of the whole Army of Saints be in your eye and care, efpecially that company inwhich you march, (Congregation I mean;) that fouldier which can fee anenemy in fight with his brethren, and not help them he makes it but the moreeafie for the enemy to flay himfelfat laft ; Say not therefore, AmImybrothers Keep- er Godwould riot keep him that cared not to keep his brother. Watch over one another, not toplay the Cri- ticks on your brothers failings, and triumph when he halts, but to help him up if he falls, or ifpoffible, to keep him from falling by a timely refcue, as Abyhdi came to. Davids fcccour. Keepyour rank and1'le. We fee what ad- vantage Satan hath got in there bole times, fince we have learnt to fight him out of order, and the private fouldier, (Chriftian I mean) bath taken the officers work out of his hands. Hardenyourfelves againfl the fcandals, which the cowardieand treacheiy offalfe brethren bathgive* you. He is the right fouldier that is not clifcouraged by thole that run from, or that are (lain in the battel ; but Rill preffeth on to viCtory, thoughhe goes to it over thebacks of others that are killed upon the place. Ina word, Difintangle yaw hearts whatyou C411 from the love of, and difiraclipg cares