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1 2, 3 That ye may be able tofland and thy forrow: Therefore thou art not humbled enough. What a plaufible argument is here at firs} blufh ? For the major, that liar°. 3 3 there ought to be a proportion between fin and farrow, this , 2. Satan will fhew youScripture for. Manarreh was a great fin- ner, and an ordinary forrowwill not ferve his turne ; he htimbled hirnfelf greatly before the Lord. Now (faith Satan) weigh thy fin in the balance with thy forrow ; art thou as great a Mourner as thou haft been a !inner fo many yeares thou haft waged war againft the Almighty, makinghavock ofhis laves, loading his patience till it groaned again,raking in the fides of Chrift with thy bloody dagger (while thou didft grieve his Spirit, and /Tied his grace,) and doeft think a little remorfe (like a rolling cloud letting fall a few drops of forrow) will now be accepted ? no, thou muff fleep in forrow as thou haft foak't in fin. Now to (hew you the fallacy,we muff diftinguifb of a twofold proporti. on of forrow. Firft, anexa6t proportion of forrow to the inherent nature and demerit offin. Secondly, there is a proportion to the Law and Rule of the Gofpel. Now the first is not a thing feafible, becaufe the in- jury done in the leaft fin is infinite, becaufe done to an infinite God ; and ifit could be feafible, yet according to the tenour of the first Covenant it would not be acceptable ; becaufe it had no claufe to give any hope for an after-game by repentance ; butt Aas 5,31, the other which is a Gofpel-forrow, this is indeed repentance tlx-` 7 ek. h . 12 to life, (both given by the Spirit of the Gofpel, and to be tried 0, by the Rule of the Gofpel,) This is given for thy relief. As you fee fometimes in the high-way (where thewaters are too deep for travellers,) you have a foot-bridge or Conley, by which they may (cape the flood, and lately paffe on ; fo that none but fuck as have not eyes,or are drunk, will venture to go through the waters, when they may avoid thedanger. Thou art a dead man, ifthou think to anfwer thy finwithproportionable forrow, thou wilt foon be above thy depth, and quackle thy felfwith thy own reares, but never get over the 'eel fin thou committedft ; gonot on therefore as thou loveft thy life, but turn afide to this Gofpel- path, and thou efcapeft the danger. 0 you tempted foulcs, when Saran faith you are not humbled enough, fee where you may be relieved ; 1 4?114 ROMIN1e, (faith Paul,) I appeal to Cefar. r.