Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

agaityl the wile! of the devil. 2 7, cious fpirit, fuch a one 'hikes father and childe at one blow, think it not enough to difhonour God, except the Saint {land by to fee and heare the wrong done to his heavenly Fa- s ther. Secondly, This may afford matter of admiration and thank- V e. fulneffe to anyof you, (0 ye Saints) who are not at this day un- der Satans hatches. Is he fo fubtile to difquiet, and haft thou any peace in thy confcience ? To whom art thou beholden for that ferenicy that is on thy fpirit ? to none but thyGod, under whole wing thou fitteft fo warme and Cafe. Is there not corn- buftible matter enough in thy confcience for his (parks to kindle? Perhaps thou haft not committed fuch bloody fins as others : that's not the reafon of thy peace, for the leaft is big enough to damne, muchmore to trouble thee. Thou haft not groffely fallen (may be) fince Converfion, that's rare, (if thou beeft of 'long ftanding) yet the ghofts of thy unregenerate fins might j walk in thy confcience : thou haft had many teftimonies of Gods favour, haft thou not ? who more then 'David ? yet he Val. 77, at a loffe fometimes learning to fpell his evidences, as if he could never have read them. The fenfe of Gods love comes and goes with the prefent taft.He that is in the dark (while there) fees nor the more for former light.( blefsGod for that light which chines in at thy window ; Satan is plotting to undermine thy comfort e- veryday.This Thief fees thy pleafant fruits as they hang, and his teeth water at them, but the wall is too high for him to climbe thy God keeps this Serpent out of thy Paradife. 'Tis not the grace of God in thee, but the favour of God, as a fhield about thee,defends thee from the wicked one. -Thirdly, let Satans fubtilty to moleft your peace, make thee, Vfa.3-0 (0 Chriflian) morewife and wary, thouhaft not a fool to deale with, but one that hathwit enough to fpill thy comfort, and fpoil thy joy,ifnot narrowly watch't,this is the dainty bit he gapes for; 'tis not harder to keep the flies out of your Cup-boards in Sum- mer, from tainting your provifion, then Satan out of your con- fciences; many a fweet meal hath he robbed the Saints of, and fent them fupperlefie to bed ; take heed therefore that he roams not thine away alfo. CHAP.h