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28 That ye ntay be able to,Band 41400414+0044041404404410:OWH4 CHAP, VII. Containing lane Direelions, tending to entrench andfortife the Chriflian againfi the a. cults andwiles of the devil, asa Troubler of thefouler Peace. owthigi ift,snd in adefenfivepoflore (may the Chrfflian fay) againfl thefe wilesof Satan as a Troubler ? SECT. I. Anfo. r Firf, if thou Wouldeft be guarded from him as a Troubler, take heed ofhim as a feducer. The haft of Satans hatchet,(with which he lies chopping at the root of the Chriflians comfort) is commonly madeof the Chrifttans wood : Fira, he tempts to fin, and then for it. Satan is but acreature, and cannot work without tooles, he can indeed make much of a little, but not a, ny thing of nothing (as we fee in his affaulting ofChrift, where joi he troubled himfelf to little purpoie, becaufe he came and found Lf440 nothing in him. Though the devil throws the flone, yet 'cis the mud in us which royles our comforts. 'Twas in vaine for the Philiaines to fall on Samfon till his lock was cut : take heed therefore of yielding to his enticing motions. there are the ftum- Wing, block, at which he hopes thou'lt; break thy thins, and hruite thy confcience, which once done; let him alone to fpin out the cure. Indeed a Saints fiefh heals not fo edify as o- thers : drinknot of the devils waffel,there is poii-on in thecup, his wine is amocker, look not on it as it fparkles in the ttmptati- vn what thoudrink& down with fweetneffe, thou wilt be lure to