Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

30 That ye may be ble topand which might efcape the dogs in come covert. or .burrough that is at hand, but (trotting to her heels) is by the print of her owne feet and fent, which fhe leaves behinde, followed, till at laff (weary and fpent) Me falls into the mouth of them. In all that a Chriftian doth;there is a print of finful infirmity, and a fent by 'tvhich Satan is enabled to trace and purfue him over hedge and ditch, this grace and that duty, till the foule, not able to land before the accufation of Satan, is ready to fall down in defpair at his feet : whereas here's a hiding place, whither the enemy durft not come, the clefts of the rock, the hole of the flaires, which this truth leads unto. When Satan chargeth thee for a finner, perhaps thou interpofeff thy repentance and reformation, but loon art beatenout ofthole works, (when thou art fbewen the finful mixtures that are in them) Whereas this truth would choak all his bullets, that thou believeft on him who bath faid, Rom.4, 1* Not untohim that worketh, but unto him that believeth on him that juflifieth the unoodly , hisfaith is imputed for righteoufnejfe. Get therefore into this tower of the Gofpel-Covenant, and rowle this truth, (as the. that Cloneon the head of ribimelech) on the head of Satan. AIMIImmilaIRIMMIMMeesampt, SECT. III. I. Thirdly,be fare (Chriftian)thou keepeft the Plains. Take heed that Satan coop thee not up in fome fIraits, where thouunit nei- ther well fight, nor flie. Such a trap the .Egyptians hoped they had the .Ifraelites in, when they cried, They are entangled, they are entangled. There are three kindes of firaits wherein he labours toentrap the Chriflians ; Nice queftions, obicure Scriptures, and dark Providences. Firft, he labours to puzzle himwith nice and fcrupulous sue- lions, (on purpofe to retard the work, and clog him in his mo- tion) that meeting with fuch intricacies in his Chriflian courfe, which he cannot eafily refolve, thereby he may be made, either to give over or go on heavily : therefore we have particular charge not to trouble the weak heads of young Converts with P,.orn.14,x doubtful dirputations. Sometimes Satan will be asking the foul, how it knowes its eleaion o and where he finder one nett fo fully , ,