Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

againfi the wiles of the devil. i 29 to bring. up again as gall and wormwood . Above all fins, take heed of prefumptuous ones, thou art not out of the danger of Pf. I9,13. fuch. Sad flories we have of Saints falls, and what follows ? then,Take him Jailor, (faith God,) 'Deliver Issch a one into Sa- tan ; and if a Saint be the Prifoner, and the devil the Keeper, you may gueffe how he (hall be ufed. 0 how be will teare and rend thy confcience I Though that dreadful Ordinance is not ufed (as it fhould be) in the Church, yet Gods Court fits, and if he excommunicate a foule from his pretence, he falls prefently into Satans clutches. Well, ifthrough his fubtilty thou haft been overtaken, take heed thou ftayeft not in the devils quarters : fhake the viper off thy hand, ply thee to thy Chirurgeon : green woundscure heft, but if thounegledeft, and the winde get to it, thy confcience loon fetter. .4hab (we read)was wound- Kings ed inbattel, and was loath' toyield to it, (it is faid) he roakbei'd zz.; 5, up in his chariot, but he died for it : when a foule bath received a wound, committed a fin, Satan labours to boulfter him.up with flattering hopes, holds him up, as it were, in his chariot againft God ; yield for this ? afraid for a little fcratch, and lofe the poile of thy future pleafure for this ? 0 take heed of liften- ing to fuch counfel, the fooner thou yieldeft, the fairer quarter thou (halthave. Every ftep in this way lets thee further from thy peace. A rent garment is catch% by every naile, and the rent made wider . Renew therefore thy repentance fpeedily, whereby this breach may be made up, and worfe prevented, which elfe will befall thee. SECT. IL 21y , fludy that grawlGofpel-truth of a foulsJuftification before God,acquaint thy fell with this in all its c au fes;the moving caufe, thefree mercy ofGod,Being juflified freely by his grace,the meri- "oat 3.2,4 . torious, which is the blood of Chrift; and the inftrumental,faith, with,all the fweet priviledges that flow from it. An effedual door once open'd to let the foul into this truth,would not only fpoil the Popes market(asGardner faid)but the devils alfo;whenSatan corns todifquiet the Chriftians peace, (for want of a right undetftand- ing here) he is foon worfted by his enemy: as the filly bare S which