Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

againfl the wilesof the devil. 151 fins of a Saint, who after Tweet acquaintance with Jefus lifts up the heel againft that bofosne where he bath layen , af felt, yea, diffolve the heart as into fo many drops of water, and that forrow provoke him to ferve God at a higher rate then others ? No childe fo dutiful in all the family, as he who is re- turn'd from his rebellion. Again feciindly, as his own fhame, fo the experience which fuch a one hath of Chrifts love above others will encreafe his love. Chrifts love is fuel to ours. Ex iifdemmitrimur epiibus conflamm as it gives its being, io it aff fords growth : It is both Mother and Nurfe to our love. The more Chrift puts forth his love, the more heat our love gets, and next to Chrifts dying love, none greater then his fuccouring love in temptation. The Mother never bath fuch advantage to fhetv her affeaion to her childe, as when in difireffe, lick, poor or imprifoned ; fo neither hath Chrift to his children as when tem- pted, yea, worfted by temptation. When his children lie in Sa- ms prifon, bleeding under the wounds of their confciences, this is the feafon he takes to give an experiment of his tender heart inpitying, his fa ithfulneffe in praying for them, his mind- fulneffe in fending fuccour to them, yea, his dear love in vifiting them by his comforting Spirit. Now when the foulhath got off Come great temptation, and reades the whole hiffory thereof to- gether, (wherein he findes what his own weakneffe was to re- lift Satan, nay, his unfaithfulneffe in complying with Saran, which might have provok't atilt 'to leave him to the fury of Satan) now to fee both his folly pardoned, and ruine gracioufly prevented, and that by no other hand, but Chrifts coming in to his telcue. (as Ahifilai to 'David, when that gvant thought to have flaine him.) This mull needs exceedingly endear Chrift to the foul. At the reading of fuch records the Chriftian cannot but enquire, (as Aaftwiery4 concerningordecai, who by .dif- covering a treafon had Dyed the Kings life,) what honour bath been done to his fweet Saviour for all this. And thus Jefus Chrift, whom Satan thought to=bring out of the foules favour, and liking, comes in the end to fio: higher and Purer in the Saints affeetions then ever. . CHAP,'