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..-....7 2 That ye may be able tofiand $44140-044.11,14.04,;444+14+04.0:44.0M0 CHAP. X. A brief Application of the Point in two Branches, Vfe I, frr'His affords a reafon why God fullers his dear children to I fall into temptation , becaufe he is able tooutfhoot Sa- tan in his own bowe, and in the thingwherein he thinks to out. wit the Chriftian to be above him. God will not only be admi- red hyhis Saints in glory for his love in their falvation, but for his wifdom in the way to it. The love of God in laving them will be the fweet draught at the marriage-feaft, and he rare vvifdom of God in effeding this, as the curious workmanfhips' withwhich the cup fhall be enamel'd. Now wifdom appears molt in untying knots, and wading through difficulties, The morecroffe wards there are in a bufineffe, the morewildome to fit a key to the lock, to make choice of fuch means as fhall meet with the feveral turnings in the fame. On purpole therefore cloth God fuffer fuch temptation's to intervene, that his wifdom may be the more admired in opening all thefe, and leading his Saints that way to glory, by which Satan thought to have brought them to hell. The Ifraelites arebid remember all theway that God led them in the Wilderneffe for fourtyyeares, Deut. 8, 2. The Hiftoryof thefe warres (Chriftian) will be pleafant to reade in heaven, though bloody to fight on earth. Mores and Via taller with Chrift on Tabor, (an Ernbleme ofthe fweet commu- nion which fhall paffe 13.-..tween Chrift arid his Saints in glory) and what was their talk, Luke 9. 30. but of his death and fuf- ferings? It feems a difcourfe ofour fufferings and temptations, are not too low a fubjed for that bliffeful fla,:e. Indeed this left out, would make a blemilh in the faire face ofHeavens glo- ry. Could the damned forget the way they went into hell, how oft the Spirit of God was wooing, and how far theywere over- come