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againfi the wiles ofthe cleFil. 15 3 come by the convi6tion of it; in a word, how many turner and returnes there were in their journey forward and backward, what poffibilities, yea, probabilities they had for heaven, when on earth ; were but force hand fo kinde as to blot thefe torment- ing paffages out of their memories, it would cafe themwonder- fully. So were it poffible glorified Saints could forget the way, wherein they went to glory, and the feveral dan gers that in- terven'dfrom Satan, and their own back-fliding hearts, they and their God toowould be lofers by it, I mean in regard of his manifeftative glory. What is the glory wherein God ap- pears at Zion, deliverance ? thole royal garments of falvation, that make him foadmired of men and Angels ? but the celebra- tion ofall his Attributes, according to what every one hath done towards their falvation. Nowwifdom being that which thecreature chiefly glories in, (and chofen by Satan for his firft bait, whomade Evebelieve the fhould be like God in know- ledge and wifdome) therefore God, to give Satan the more shameful fall, gives him leave to ufe his wits and wiles in tempt- ing and troubling his children, in which lies his great advan- tage over the Saints, that fo the way to his own Throne (where his Wifdome fball at laft, as well as his mercy fit in all its Roy- alty) may be paved with the fculls (asI may fo fpeak) of de- vils. Secondly,this giv. s a firong cordial to our fainting faith, in the behalf ofthe Church of Chrift. If all the devils wits and wiles will not ferve him to overcome one tingle fouldier in Chrifts Camp, much leffe fhall he ever ruine the whole Army. Thefe are dayes of great confufions in the Chriflian world, and the chief feare of a gracious heart is for the Ark., left that (hould fall into the enemies hand, (and when this Palladium is taken, the City of God (hisChurch,) be trod under the feet of pride,) I confeffe Satan feems to get ground daily ' he bath ftrangely wrigled into the bofomes and principles of many, who by the fame of their Profeffion and zeal, had obtained in the opinion ofothers, tobe reckoned among the chiefof Chrifts Worthies in their generation. He hath fadly corrupted the truths of Chrift, brought a dif-efteem IonOrdinances,(that by this, and as a judg- ment for.this, the-wombe of the Gofpel is become in a great meafure barren, and her children which hang upon her breafts, X thrive