Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

againfi the wiles of the I" 5 work, that we cannot fee what he is doing, but then when dark- wife is about him, rilbteoufne fie is the feat of his Throne for ever- 0, where's our faith (Sirs!) let God bewife, and all men and devils fools. What though thou feelt a Babel more likely togo up, then a Babylon to be pull'd down, yet believe God is ma- king his fecr et approaches, and will clap his ladders on a fudden to the walls thereof : Suppofe truth were Prifoner with 7ofep4, and errour theCourtier, to have its head lift up by the favour of the times, yet doeft not remember that the way to truths pre- ferment lies through the prifon? yea, what though the Church were like Jonah in the Whales belly, fwallowed up to the eye of reafon by the fury of men, yet doeft not remember the Whale had not power to digeft the Prophet ? 0 be not too quick to bury the Church before thebe dead. Stay while Chrift tries his skill before you give it over : bring Chrift by your prayers to imgrave, to fpeak a Refurre6tion,word. Admirable hath the Saints faith been in fuch (traits : as ofephs, who pawn'd his bones that God would vifit his brethren, willing them to lay him where he believ'd they fhould be brought ; Jeremiah pur- chafeth afield of his Uncle, and payes down the money for it, and this when the Caldean army quartered about 7erufalem,rea- dy to take the City, and carry him with the reft into Babylon : And all this by Gods appointment, Ter. 22. 6, 7, S. that he might thew the Jewes by this, how undoubtedly he (in that fad inflame of time) did believe the performanceof the Promife for their returnee out ofcaptivity. indeedGodcounts himfelf ex- ceedingly difparaged in the thoughts of his people, (though at the loweft ebbe ofhis Churches affairs) if his nakedword, and the Tingle bond of his Promife will not be taken as fufficient le- . curity to their faith for its deliverance. X2 YErsu