Gurnall - BV4500 .G87 1655

VERSE 12. For we wrefile not againfiflefb and blood, but a- gainfi Principalities and Powers, againjt the Rulers of the darkneffe of this world, againfi ffiiritualwicke:dneffe in high places. rrHewords arecoupled to the Precedent with that caufal par- ' .11, t ic le For, which either referres to the two foregoing verfes, and then they are a further reafon,preffing the neceffityof Chri. fiian fortitude in the tenth verfe, and furniture in the eleventh : or elfe to the laft words of the eleventh verfe, where the Aponte having defcried the Saintsgrand enemie to be Satan, and de- fcribed him in one ofhis attributes,his wily fubtilty, he in this further difplayes him in his proper colours, not to weaken the Saints hands, but waken their care, that feeing their enemy marching up in a full body, they might Rand in better order to receive his charge. Where by the way we may obferve the A- poftles fimplicity and plaindealing ; he doth not undervalue the ftrength of the enemy, and reprefent him inconfiderable, as Cap- tains ufe to keep their fouldiers together, by flight ing the power oftheir adverfary ; no, he tells them the worft at firil, If Saran had been to fet out his own power, he could have challeng'd no more then is here granted him. See here the difference between Chi ift dealing with his followers, and Satan with his. Satan, ; dares not let finners know who that God is they fight againfi ; this were enough to breed a mutiny in the devils camp. Silly ' bottles they are drawn into the field by a fa lfe report ofGod and: his wayes, and are kept there together with lies and faire tales, but Chrift is not afraid to thew his Saints their enemy in all his, Power and Principality, the Wealenefre. of God being ftronger then thepowers of hell,. CHAP,